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Living With Adult Acne

Before I start, I want to say that I know there are hundreds of worse things to live with than bad skin. When I really think about it, I realise how insignificant acne is in the grand scheme of things. However, there have been times when it’s really got me down. For me, acne first reared its ugly head when I was 16. That’s not a fun age to have a face full of spots. I have always been prone to spots, but acne was a whole different ball game. There was no covering up with make up. In fact, at times, make up only made it look worse. I used to stand about a metre away from the mirror when I did my make up, just so I couldn’t see how bad the spots were. By the way, this post is not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned – these are all my own personal recommendations.

My skin got better after taking a contraceptive pill called Yasmin – strange coincidence! However, I was then told that I shouldn’t actually be taking that pill due to my migraines, as it can increase the risk of stroke! They told me that 2 years after taking it – helpful. Anyway, since coming off that pill many years ago I sort of battled the odd break out with various remedies, including freederm, benzoyl peroxide, toothpaste and many different topical antibiotics. To be honest, nothing really worked long-term. After a few years it randomly improved and I just got the odd normal spot break out which for me was totally manageable!

Just as I thought I’d seen the back of acne, it decided to make a very unwelcome appearance during pregnancy. I was waiting for the pregnancy glow I’d been promised, but instead I got a face full of spots. Great. I couldn’t really use any harsh products either so I just used toothpaste and sudocreme. To be fair, the sudocreme worked quite well. However, as my skin got worse again nothing really helped. It’s horrible, you think to yourself, aren’t I a little old for acne now?! It can be quite depressing, there’s been times when I’ve turned down invitations to social gatherings etc as I’ve just felt so self-conscious. It’s very easy for people who don’t suffer from acne to tell you not to worry or think about it. It’s hard to ignore it when it’s right there when you look in the mirror. Plus, it even feels horrible.

Recently my skin has got better. I have found a couple of products and home remedies that have helped treat my acne. I may have even found a cure for acne! However, you might be a bit squeamish to try this ‘home remedy’. If you follow my instagram, you might have seen that I tried out the Tea Tree range by the Body Shop. I tried the Night Lotion, Facial Cleanser and Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution. Click here to have a look at their full Tea Tree range. The night lotion is great if you have dry skin. I have incredibly dry skin, so I really need that extra hydration and it’s great that it has the tea tree in it to combat the spots, too. The daily solution is OK, but I find it a tad too drying for my skin. However, it’s great for when you have that stubborn spot that won’t go.

Now, for the weird acne cure… breast milk! It’s not actually that weird because I’m breastfeeding Molly, it’s not just some random breast milk I’ve got hold of. Having said that, we drink milk that comes from a cows udder so human breast milk isn’t really that weird when you think of it like that. If you’ve breastfed, you’ll know the miraculous nature of this wonderful magic milk. Midwives always advise to pop a bit of breast milk on anything and everything, from conjunctivitis to sore nips! That’s why it made sense to me to put it on my spots! I usually cleanse my face with the Tea Tree Facial Cleanser and then rub breast milk all over my face! Within five minutes I feel my skin tighten. Once it’s all dried onto my skin I put the Tea Tree Night Lotion on. I’ve been doing this routine for 5 weeks now and I have noticed a massive difference. I still get the odd spot, but that’s normal for me. I know that this routine is only likely to work if you’re breastfeeding, but I still recommend buying the Tea Tree range by The Body Shop. However, if you have a relative or close friend who suffers from acne and isn’t too squeamish, then perhaps you could donate them some of your milk! It’s best to apply with a cotton pad or cotton wool ball.

Now, for make up and coverage. This is always a difficult one as it really depends on the type of acne you have. I have acne with dry skin, but some people have acne with oily skin. The most important thing is finding a base that sits well under your make up without causing breakouts. Due to my dry skin, I have to choose a rich moisturiser. I have been using a spa find one, but it hasn’t been hydrating enough for me. The best moisturiser I’ve ever used is the Butter Drench Restorative Rich Cream by Bare Minerals. It’s great if you have dry skin and it didn’t break me out. For foundation I tend to use the Bare Minerals powder, but this really doesn’t help my dry skin. However, it provides great coverage and never clogs my pores. The other foundation I sometimes use in the Match Perfection foundation by Rimmel. In terms of suitability for acne-prone skin, Bare Minerals wins every time. It’s just the fact it’s a bit drying that bothers me a bit. This won’t stop me using it though, I just need to find a good serum. I really recommend sorting a good base out before you choose your foundation, it’s so important. Not only for how your foundation will sit, but how your skin will react to the foundation, too. 

I hope you’ve found this post helpful, I know how frustrating it can be to put up with acne. Don’t give up hope, keep trying different things. You’ll find a routine that works for you. Just remember to let your skin breathe when you can and have plenty of make up-free days!


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