What’s In My Changing Bag – The Essentials

A changing bag is something you grow very fond of as a parent – you CANNOT leave the house without it. However, you probably will/have left that bag of essential goods at home at some point. Of course, that will also be the day your baby decides to have a super colossal nappy explosion. He/she will probably be teething too and you’ll have wished you’d packed that vital teether or dummy. I remember when I left the changing bag at home and it had a spare pair of leggings in it. Little did I  know, Molly intended on tipping the entire contents of her sippy cup on to her pretty tights. I then had that horrible sinking feeling in my stomach – THE CHANGING BAG! I had to take her tights off and use her coat as leggings – I put her legs in to the sleeves. Shameful  – I know. It was a pretty spectacular mum fail. My personal highlight was the disgusted looks I received from other children. Lesson learnt. I will never forget that bag again! I now have a fully stocked changing bag, equipped with the necessities for looking after a mini human.  My changing bag itself is nothing fancy. It’s just a River Island bag which I happened to already own. I know some people have these swanky changing bags with a million compartments for various things, but it really doesn’t matter as long as it does the job!

Changing Bag Essentials:

I often carry other bits too, depending on the time of the year. For example, sun hat and sun lotion for summer and a bobble hat for winter. One great thing to always carry in a changing bag is a little card that has all of your contact details on – just in case you ever leave it anywhere. It’s so easily done, especially if you’re distracted by getting your little one ready to leave somewhere. I do this in hope that if I ever leave it somewhere, a kind person will return it to me rather than run off with it (not that I ever have anything of much value in the bag).  I’m interested to know what essentials you carry in your changing bag – is there anything you simply CANNOT leave the house without?

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