Weaning with Ella’s Kitchen

Ella’s Kitchen kindly sent me a box of goodies for Molly to try out as part of her weaning journey! This included a delicious range of organic textured food pouches and two packets of ‘melty puffs’. The packaging is lovely – I loved the green box  it came in which had instructions on how to turn it into a castle. It feels as though they really care about their products and brand. As you can see below, Molly rather enjoyed sitting in the box!


The pouches I was sent were all from the 7 months plus textured range. As Molly is doing a mixture of traditional and baby led weaning, she took to the textured pouches very well. In fact, I think she prefers them to the purees! The great thing about this range is that although they are textured, they aren’t lumpy. Therefore, you don’t end up with little lumps being spat out at you during meal times! They have a wonderful range of meals. Molly’s favourite so far seems to be the vegetable and lentil bake. She kept flapping her arms at me waiting for the next mouthful, hehe. It’s great to see such simple, organic ingredients used. It really gives me peace of mind that Molly isn’t eating food contaminated with god knows how many chemicals.


I was really excited to try Molly with the ‘melty puffs’, as she loves picking up food. I’m usually on edge whenever she has finger food, as I get paranoid she’s going to choke! However, these snacks simply melt in the mouth so I felt much more relaxed offering her these. They are definitely a favourite of Molly’s. Especially the tomato and leek flavour. They’re such a handy food to offer whilst you’re trying to cook dinner or when you’re eating out and need to occupy your little ones. Additionally, the size is just perfect . Some snacks are too small and Molly would struggle to hold them, but these are big enough for her to get a good hold of. It keeps them occupied for a long time too. I will definitely be keeping a packet in my bag whenever we are out and about!



DSCN1885 DSCN1905

Molly also loves their fruit puree pouches. These weren’t included in the box sent to me, but I’m a big fan of these as they’re great for putting with breakfast cereals or for baking with. I usually give Molly Weetabix or porridge for breakfast, and it’s so handy to stir through one of these pouches to add some extra vitamins and natural flavour!


A lot of mums give themselves a hard time about what they feed their baby and whether it’s homemade or not etc. I’m a big believer in balance – as long as your baby is eating a good balance of food then don’t worry! Whether that’s out of a packet or home-cooked, it really doesn’t matter if what you’re buying from the shops is good quality. Hence why I’m so happy to use Ella’s Kitchen. I know that Molly is eating food of a good quality and the nutritional content is perfectly balanced to meet her needs. Have a browse on their website here for products, recipe books and weaning information.





*I received these products for free, but as usual, all opinions are my own and I would never recommend anything I wouldn’t personally use myself.

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