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I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since my first ever Mother’s Day. It was so lovely to receive a card from Molly, even though I know she is completely oblivious to the fact she’s given me a card! I’ve always loved Mother’s Day, as my mum has always been such an amazing role model, parent and best friend. I genuinely enjoy showing her how much I appreciate everything she does for me. A gift is always such a personal thing, but there’s one thing that always brings a smile to a mummy’s face –  flowers. So when Prestige Flowers sent me a stunning bouquet I was over the moon!

Flowers bring colour and life in to the home. Studies have actually shown that flowers have a positive effect on mood! A beautiful bouquet of flowers can really lighten a room and give you an immediate connection to nature. Prestige sent me a lovely luxury bouquet from their Mother’s Day range. I was also lucky to receive a vase, some chocolates and an adorable Teddy! Molly has taken a liking to the Teddy, she kept patting him and saying, “ahhh, baby” – so cute! He is very soft and cuddly.

If you’re stuck not knowing what to buy your mum, then have a look here at the beautiful range of flowers from Prestige. Most bouquets from the Mother’s Day range come with free chocolates too – yay! They also sell lots of other lovely gifts, so why not spoil your mum rotton!






*I received this product for free, but as always all opinions are my own.

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