Welcome to my blog! It’s great to finally get my blog up and running, it’s taken a long time for me to get here. I’ve had a couple of foodie blogs before, but I finally decided to take the plunge and launch a blog with my own domain – exciting! As you can probably gather from the various photos on my site and instagram feed, I’m pregnant. VERY PREGNANT. In fact, I’m due in four days time!!!!!!! Very exciting, but I’m also sh****ng myself about the whole process. I haven’t had the smoothest pregnancy, but I haven’t had the most complicated of pregnancies either. So, before I get into the details of what I intend to blog about, I thought i’d share with you some facts about me – it’s always nice to be nosy and find out more about other people!

1. I’m 22 years young and born and bred in Cornwall!
2. I feel passionate about eating a healthy, balanced diet (although this kinda went out the window from around 30 weeks of being pregnant)
3. I HATE FAD DIETS and cutting carbs etc – I’ve tried them and they DO.NOT.WORK.
4. I’m very interested in natural beauty products and holistic health
5. I’m rather opinionated, especially when it comes to gender equality and social inequalities.
6. I’m a first time mum-to-be
7. I love cats – OK, I’m obsessed.
8. I love music, singing and playing the keyboard
9. I have a fascination with old musicals.. Singing in the rain, Sound of music, Wizard of oz…
10.I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE the sound of people eating or smacking their lips whilst eating – there is a clinical name for this!I know i’m not alone on this one.
11.And the final cherry on the top – I have epilepsy. I’m fortunate that it’s very well controlled and I currently don’t have seizures (keeping those fingers and toes crossed).

Now that’s out the way I can tell you what my blog is all about. As you’ve already gathered I’m a big foodie. I love cooking and eating a balanced diet. When I say balanced, I mean a healthy balance of satisfying foods which never compromises on flavour. I don’t see the point in eating boring food which makes you miserable and grouchy. I used to have a binge eating disorder so I learnt the hard way that depriving yourself of food only makes you want it even more. Makes sense really. I’m a very frugal cook, it’s so important to be savvy with food shopping considering how expensive everything is now. You will find that all of the recipes I share with you are affordable, easy to cook and balanced. Fellow mums out there, I know you struggle to find time to cook and it is so easy to reach for those ready made sauces etc. Those are great for the first few weeks of having a new baby, but when you’re ready, it’s so easy to chuck together balanced meals that won’t take you away from that bubba for too long. Invest in a slow cooker! It will become your best friend when you’re pregnant or a new mum. I’m not perfect when it comes to eating healthily – far from it. In fact, the last 3 weeks I’ve never eaten so much chocolate and crappy (but very tasty) fast food in my life. We’re only human. No one can eat healthily every day of the week, never eat carbs and be completely happy. Well I know I couldn’t anyway. Not only will my blogs feature my own recipes, you will see some of the wonderful local cafes I visit. I’m obsessed with tea so don’t be surprised if you see lots of pictures of tea!


Finally, and more importantly, you will be seeing lots of baby-related posts on my blog. I’m very interested in promoting all parenting styles and normalising the ups and downs of motherhood. Again, none of us are perfect and many of us feel pressured to present ourselves in a certain way. I love natural baby products and interesting new baby products, so keep your eyes peeled for product reviews. As I said before, my pregnancy hasn’t been plain sailing, mainly due to the fact I’ve been in/out of hospital for growth scans and high blood pressure over the last three weeks. Not fun. Especially when the wards are usually so short staffed and you sit around for hours waiting… and waiting… not good for the old blood pressure! You know there’s those typical pictures of beautiful glowing mums-to-be with huge smiles on their faces, beaming with joy? Yeah, that’s not me. I don’t know where they find those women. I can’t say it’s been an enjoyable experience. I feel guilty saying that as I know it’s a blessing, and of course I’m excited, but it’s not always fun. Hopefully the birth will go smoothly – ha! Anyway, I’ve been rambling on enough so I shall stop before you fall asleep. Don’t forget to have a peek on my Instagram here to see what I’m upto!

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