Heatwave Mum Hacks!

Firstly, hello again! I’ve been away for a while due to feeling ovewhelmed with work, blogging and life as mum! I took on a new job when myself and Molly were poorly so I think it all felt a bit much. I couldn’t manage my personal social media on top of everything else. However, I never got rid of my blog and it’s been accumulating traffic despite my lack of posts. Therefore, I’ve decided to come back. I’ve missed sharing my love of Cornwall, food, skincare and mum life!

Now, back to the post! This sizzling heatwave has been so difficult to manage with a toddler. It’s lovely to see the sun, but it’s challenging to keep a toddler cool and happy in the heat. I’m not great with heat either. We’re not used to the scorching temperatures we’ve had so it’s a bit of a shock to the system! I’ve found a few things to be really useful for keeping Molly happy in the heat so I thought I’d share my hacks with you!

  • Freeze a flannel or wash cloth and pop it in a cool bag with an ice block for when you’re out and about. You can use it to dab over your little ones head or they might just enjoy chewing it!
  • Put a bottle of frozen water behind a fan. This encourages cool air to be pushed around rather than just circulating the existing warm air in the room.
  • Pocket-size sun lotion. Please make sure you carry around sun-lotion in your bag. Nivea do a great pocket-sized one.
  • Jelly shoes. These shoes are so affordable, but fantastic for the beach or just mooching around in the garden. Children sweat a lot and closed shoes can make their feet clammy and sore. Jelly shoes or sandals are perfect to allow air to flow freely and keep those toes cool.
  • Smoothie pouches in the fridge. Ella’s kitchen do some lovely smoothie pouches which are great for chilling in the fridge. They’re a fantastic healthy snack for the summer.
  • Get a mini portable fan for prams. Certain companies sell portable fans to clip on to prams. This one is great – click here.
  • Keep a jug of water in the fridge to fill your little ones cups or bottles with.
  • Keep blinds shut in the day to prevent sun from beaming in and heating up your rooms!
  • Open all windows and doors first thing in the morning to allow the cooler air to flow through whilst the sun isn’t at it’s hottest.
  • Light coloured sun hats! White deflects the sun so it’s always best to choose white over any other colour. Alternatively, you can improvise and use shorts on their head instead – as demonstrated above, ha!

If you have any other tips i’d love to hear them!!

Much love x

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