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Why We’re Going Vegetarian

I’ve never really eaten much meat in my diet, but I admit to enjoying the odd roast chicken or KFC! However, I nearly always choose the vegetarian option when I eat out, mainly because I actually prefer the taste of vegetarian food. I have often thought about what might be in the meat I’m eating, but I think like most people, I prefer to remain ignorant. We’ve all heard horror stories about the rubbish that is often found in meat, but it’s quickly swept under the carpet and forgotten about. We’re constantly bombarded with new health claims, and made to believe that we need lots of protein and that carbs are bad for you etc. It couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m still amazed that people think carbohydrates are bad for you, especially considering it’s the primary source of fuel our bodies rely on.

I recently watched an interesting documentary called ‘What The Health’. In a nutshell, it highlights the dangerous effects of eating a meat and dairy diet. It also exposes some shocking truths of how these massive meat and dairy corporations use their money to influence the general public in the way they think about ‘healthy eating’.I was absolutely disgusted to discover some of the charities that work to improve health, were actually sponsored by some of the biggest JUNK food chains!

If you’re interested in watching the documentary then click here. It’s not just about the lies etc that we are fed on a daily basis, it’s the conditions in which animals are kept, the effect factory farming has on the environment etc. The most disturbing fact for me was that most meat is packed full of antibiotics, hormones and…wait for it… puss!!! Yes, you read that correctly. I really hope you’re not currently tucking in to a bacon bap or chicken burger. My apologies if you are. You might want to put down that big creamy latte too.. as a lot of milk also contains hormones and puss!

Now I’m very happy to forgo meat, there’s really nothing appealing to me about rotting flesh anymore. However, I do like cheese and chocolate.  I don’t drink cows milk as I prefer almond, plus cows milk triggers my psoriasis and acne. That kind of demonstrates the inflammation that meat and dairy can cause in the body! With regards to the cheese and chocolate, I will be limiting my intake and overall I hope to be reducing the levels of rubbish going into my body. That goes for Molly too! Yes, she will be eating a vegetarian diet too. As for Chris, he’s also convinced that he’d like to try cutting out meat and limiting dairy! I was pretty shocked as he loves his meat and dairy.

Lots of people worry that you’re not going to get the adequate nutrition from a vegetarian or vegan diet. However, there is nothing in meat that you can’t get from plants, veg, fruit or pulses. I like to take a vitamin too, so there’s nothing we’re missing out on. Like the doctor says in the documentary, the only thing you’re missing out on is puss, antibiotics, hormones and cholesterol. I’m quite happy to miss out on those things.

I’m interested to know how many other people eat a vegetarian or vegan diet. Let me know how you find it or what annoying comments you’ve received as a parent giving your child vegetarian/vegan food!

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