Daisygro Unisex Bibs – The Perfect Christmas Gift

I love the idea of unisex clothes for babies and children. It’s refreshing not to have all pink or all blue clothes – it’s nice to have a variety of colours! So you can imagine how thrilled I was to receive some gorgeous unisex bibs from Daisygro. Patterned bibs seem to be really popular now for babies. Not only do they protect your little ones clothes from the copious amounts of sick and dribble they produce, but they look pretty trendy too! I love the fun patterns on the Daisygro bibs and they’re incredibly soft. I think they would be just the perfect Christmas gift for a mum-to-be or baby. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to buy a baby or toddler, but these trendy bibs would definitely be appreciated by any mum!


IMG_1291# IMG_1297





I find these bibs great to keep Mollys neck warm in this chilly weather, as they have a lovely soft fleece lining. They’re also great for making a really plain and boring outfit look a little more funky!Click here to purchase the unisex pack of bibs from Daisygro. They also sell girls and boys bibs, swaddles and a fantastic sling (which I personally use a lot!).



*I received this item for free, but as always all opinions are my own and in line with my own personal values.

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