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Bloom Remedies

I was recently sent some lovely baby products from Bloom Remedies, an award-winning Cornish skincare company.  All of their products are made with great love and consciousness, using natural ingredients and ensuring sustainability with all of their packaging. It’s great to see their careful consideration of the environment too with regards to the origin of their ingredients .

I love using products that are produced locally. Not only because it’s more environmentally friendly, but because it’s great to see businesses thrive here in Cornwall! Bloom’s baby skincare products are simply delightful. From the carefully considered packaging, to the gentle natural fragrance, they’re just a joy to use on my Molly.


I received a ‘Sleepy-Time Organic Skincare Baby Oil’ and a ‘Calendula & Lavender Nappy Balm’.  Both of which compliment each other wonderfully. The oil is so easy to apply on the skin and just absorbs in with no sticky mess! Molly seemed to enjoy me massaging her with this oil after the bath! The fresh, but calming scent of lavender is heavenly. It’s reassuring to know that Molly can smell lovely with 100%natural ingredients, as many skincare companies use harsh chemicals in baby products.

sketch-1504813740161(image from Bloom Remedies)

The nappy balm got me very excited! You know you’re a mum when you get excited about these kind of things. Molly often gets nappy rash when she’s teething or constipated and I’ve found that many nappy creams are quite sticky or just don’t quite cut it. This, however, works a dream! The beeswax provides a natural skin barrier, and the lavender works wonders due to its antibacterial properties.  Again, it smells so fresh and lovely. Great for putting on after those stinky nappy changes! I now carry this everywhere with me.

sketch-1504813604486(image from Bloom Remedies)

Bloom also sell these products as part of gift packs so be sure to check them out. Click here to have a look at their fab skincare range for mums and babies.




*I received these products for free, but as always all opinions are my own. I only ever work with brands I feel fit well with my content and my own beliefs.

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