Best skincare products for babies

Newborn babies have incredibly delicate skin and it’s important to remember that most products out there contain a lot of chemicals which can cause irritation. It’s important not to over-wash babies skin as they naturally have very clean skin which doesn’t require being washed every single day. Frequent bathing and temperature changes can in itself cause irritation so it’s best not to overdo it. I have sensitive skin myself and it appears my little Molly has slightly sensitive skin too. Regardless of this, I would have still been keen to use gentle products anyway as I don’t like the idea of covering my bubba in chemicals!

Molly had very dry skin when she was born, which I was told was perfectly normal. However, it didn’t seem to be improving so I decided to look for a moisturiser. I came across a wonderful brand called ‘Child’s Farm’. Their products are aimed to provide great skincare for all children, including those with sensitivities and eczema. They’re made with organic essential oils and free from parabens, SLSs, mineral oils and artificial colours. All of these factors were really important to me when looking for products to use on Molly’s skin. They sell a range of products including bubble bath, sun lotion, moisturisers, shampoo/conditioner and more! I decided to try out their baby moisturiser for sensitive skin and I am thrilled with the results. I put the moisturiser on after bathing Molly, as this is when her skin is likely to dry out. The cream is very easy to apply and absorbs in to the skin very well. I would highly recommend giving this product a go! These products are sold at boots, Asda, Waitrose and Ocado. However, you can order directly from the Child’s Farm website.

Another company I had heard great things from is ‘Earth Friendly Baby’. This company is also big on providing gentle skincare products for the delicate skin of children and babies. Their products are made of natural and organic ingredients and most of the the packaging is made from sustainable materials or is recyclable. I decided to purchase ‘calming lavender shampoo and body wash’ and ‘soothing chamomile shampoo & bodywash’. Both products have a lovely natural smell and make my little bubbas hair wonderfully soft! They also sell body lotion, bubble bath, wet wipes and massage oil. I love their products and I will definitely be trying out more of them! You can buy these products from Amazon, Asda, Boots, Babies r us, John Lewis, Mothercare, ocado, Superdrug, Tesco and Waitrose. Alternatively, you can order direct from the Earth Friendly Baby site.

What’s your favourite skincare product to use on your little ones? Leave a comment below or get in touch on my instagram 🙂



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