Best Baby Products For Bath Time

Angelcare Soft Touch Baby Bath (upto 6 months)

We had this bath for Molly up until she was six months old. It was probably the most used product we’ve bought for her! Not only did I use it to bath her in, it doubled up as a fantastic seat to pop her in whilst I got myself washed and dressed etc. I was quite sad when she outgrew this! It was great for bath time as it meant I didn’t have to worry about trying to hold her up whilst washing her. Definitely recommend getting one. We now just use a plain little baby bath which we bought from Argos, as it still provides some support in case she slips back.

The Green People Baby Wash & Shampoo

If you regularly read my posts you’ll know that I love the Green People products. Especially when it comes to Molly, as I’m so careful with what I put on her delicate skin. This lovely organic baby wash leaves the skin feeling soft and hydrated. It’s well worth the money. You don’t actually need to use much – a little goes a long way. Therefore, it’s not too pricey considering how long it lasts.

Super Soft Microfibre Baby Wash Cloths

I bought these whilst I was pregnant, as I knew I didn’t like the baby sponges. I always think they seem a bit rough on such delicate skin. These cloths are incredibly soft, they just glide over the skin. I’d quite like to have some for myself!!! They’re very quick to dry too, so you can pop them in the wash knowing they will be dry within a couple of hours.

Mothercare Cuddle ‘N’ Dry Towels

These hooded towels are perfect for snuggling your baby and keeping them warm after a bath. You get three in a pack so it’s great value for money. I still use these for Molly and she’s 9 months old. They stay soft after washing and they also don’t take too long to dry.

Calendula & Lavender Organic Nappy Balm

This has to be my absolute favourite nappy balm, and I’ve tried many! Firstly, it’s natural/organic properties make it fantastic for sensitive skin. Secondly, the smell is so fresh yet calming – it’s just perfect. I always put this on after a bath as I know it will keep Molly’s bottom protected over night. Whenever she’s had nappy rash from teething etc, I use some of this and within a couple of hours it’s usually cleared up.

First Steps Bath Boats

Molly has so much fun playing with these in the bath! They’re suitable for 3 months plus. Molly would spend hours in the bath playing with these if she could!








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