7 Thoughts Of A Mum When Shopping

1. Before becoming a mum, your first thoughts when arriving to the shopping mall were probably, I should just pop to the loo before I start shopping. However, as a mum you’re so used to holding in your pee for hours that your first thought is,  where’s the nearest takeaway coffee shop. I NEED coffee.

2. Before you had a baby, you may have enjoyed a  leisurely coffee in a trendy cafe when shopping, but now you’re forced to balance a takeout coffee between your thumb and index finger whilst frantically pushing a pram at the same time.

3. You see a couple of lovely tops, ah perfect. The pre-mum you would have taken various sizes into the changing room to try on, possibly even different colours too! Unfortunately, you now don’t have time for that sh*t, so you put the nice tops down and grab the baggy top that has easy boob access and covers that jelly belly.

4. Pre-mum you would have had bags full of guilt-free clothing when shopping. However, you now feel pretty guilty for buying that one baggy mum top, so you head straight to Mothercare and buy your baby a bag full of clothes that they will probably grow out of in three weeks.

5. Lunch time. Ah, where to go? You used to casually stroll around having a look at what takes your fancy. Well, I’m afraid it’s now a case of where’s the nearest cafe that has enough space for my bulky pram, a baby changing room and enough sugary treats to give me the strength to deal with a post-lunch meltdown.

6. Food choices.. Pre-mum you would have stood around contemplating what to eat. You may have even picked up various food packets and read the calorie or fat content. However, it’s now a case of what looks edible and is manageable to eat with one hand.

7. You used to go home feeling satisfied with your purchases having had a very productive day shopping. Now, you go home with a headache.. driving a tired and fussy baby in the back of the car, screaming away whilst you have a boot full of baby items and a bag of clothes for yourself that you haven’t even tried on. Oh well, you tell yourself that at least you and your baby had a nice little day out together, plus a change of scenery!

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