Perfect gift for a foodie!

As you all know I love my food! I especially love discovering deliciously healthy snacks. It’s not always easy to find things which are as equally tasty as they are healthy. I’m constantly snacking at the moment too which isn’t great for the jelly belly! Breastfeeding seems to make me insanely hungry – I’m hungrier now than I was when I was pregnant! I guess my body is working hard to make lots of milk to support my growing bubba, so it makes sense that we need more food when breastfeeding.  As I’m dairy-free it’s important to me that I find tasty snack alternatives.

It was recently my birthday and being the foodie that I am, I asked my partner, Chris, If he could get me a big assortment of yummy and healthy snacks. I discovered a company called the goodness project. They sell a variety of gluten-free and vegan healthy products and hampers. The hampers were right up my street! There’s lots of different hampers to choose from to please all! They also come in different sizes and prices. If you love healthy snacks or you know someone who’s a real health foodie then this would be a perfect gift. Some people are incredibly difficult to buy for too, or they may appear to have everything, so a gift hamper from the goodness project would be a great idea! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed munching my way through the different snacks in my hamper. My favourite snack in the box has to be the booja booja truffles. I usually hate dairy-free chocolate, but these were absolutely divine and tasted just like proper chocolate truffles! Click here to have a browse on their website and check out all of their lovely gifts and products.




Let me know what your favourite healthy snacks are or where your fave place is to  go & stock up on healthy products. Don’t forget to follow me on instagram to see my latest snaps 🙂

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