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The New Year always marks the start of healthy revolutions and diets. I hate, hate, hate diets (more about why in my next blog post). However, I do believe in making positive lifestyle changes. Something that often catches people out is the number of calories in milky hot drinks. We’re all addicted to sugar laden lattes and they’re just so bad for your health if consumed on a regular basis. If you’re looking to make a positive change to your diet and sense of wellbeing then I highly recommend trying Adagio Teas. I was kindly sent some wonderful products to try and they are definitely my new favourite tea company!

Herbal teas are great if you’re looking to lose weight as many of them increase metabolism. Additionally, you don’t need milk so that cuts out a lot of calories over a week. Small changes always have the biggest impact! Adagio source their tea directly from the farmers who grow and tender the leaves. This makes such a difference to the flavour – the tea tastes wonderfully fresh! It’s also lovely to know where the tea is coming from.


The body & soul range is perfect for the new year – these medicinal teas equip you with everything you need for every day wellness. The flavours are so clean and fresh. I actually had a slight sore throat the other day and the sore throat tea was very soothing! This pack would also be perfect as a gift for someone who appreciates high quality tea or has an interest in health and wellbeing.


Another favourite tea of mine is matcha green tea. It’s got a much stronger flavour than ordinary green tea, but it has a real earthy and fresh taste. Some green tea has a synthetic taste, but Adagio matcha tea is delicious. It’s such a versatile tea as you can use it for baking, cooking and making lattes etc! You can get different flavours of Matcha too. I have tried the blueberry Matcha and the chocolate matcha. Both are beautiful, but my favourite is blueberry! Matcha has so many incredible health benefits. Some of these benefits include lowering cholesterol, aiding weight loss and a high level of antioxidants. When I had that sore throat, I drank lots of Matcha and the next morning it was gone – I put it down to all of those antioxidants!


If you’re looking for that unique gift for someone who loves keeping fit and healthy then I have the perfect thing! This beautiful Matcha gift set is just gorgeous. It comes with a generous pot of Matcha, a whisk and a bowl. This set is designed to enable you to make Matcha tea in the traditional way by whisking in the bowl. This set would also be great for someone who has an interest in mindfulness and holistic health.



I never get round to drinking a hot cup of tea, I’m sure many other mums can relate to this! Therefore, I was pretty excited when I received two of Adagios tea infuser flasks. I love that I can have the delicate taste of fresh tea leaves on the go! The activiTEA is in a gorgeous glass flask and is perfect if you’re just looking to keep your tea warm for an hour or so. However, the toasTEA is fab if you’re looking to keep your tea hotter for longer. They’re both fantastic quality and don’t affect the taste of the tea like some flasks do.



I’ve been loving the Tea-Tox tea in my activiTEA flask for sipping away at around the house whilst looking after my little Molly moo!

Check out Adagio Teas here. You’ll find all of the products I’ve mentioned and many more. Have a good browse through all of their wonderful teas – there really is a tea for everyone!

Keep your eyes peeled for an awesome giveaway coming in the new year!





*This post includes products I received for free. However, as always all opinions are my own. I only ever talk about products I genuinely like and would use myself.


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