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If you’re also a massive fan of tea you must try Bluebird! This is not a sponsored post, I’m just sharing my personal recommendation with you! I came across Bluebird tea last year, they’re a wonderful British company with a passion for creating beautiful blends of tea. They have stores in Brighton, Bristol and Tunbridge Wells. However, they also sell all their marvellous creations online – yippee! Some people love good coffee, but for me, nothing beats a nice cuppa tea. I love discovering new and unusual flavours and Bluebird have some great ones. My favourites are snowball, strawberry lemonade and honey bee beautiful. If you like tea with a very subtle undertone of sweetness you will enjoy these flavours. When you order online they send you a couple of free samples too which is great as you get to try even more of their unusual blends!

Unfortunately, they don’t currently stock snowball as it’s more of a Christmas tea, but it is available on notonthehighstreet.com (and it’s currently half price). However,  the strawberry lemonade tea and honey bee beautiful tea are both available on Bluebird now and are just as scrumptious as snowball.


I have a drawer with many different types of tea and I love having a tea for every occasion or mood. If you’re someone who gets quite stressed or anxious, having a tea ritual is a great way to wind down and relax. It always works for me. There are also many benefits of drinking tea, one being that it contains antioxidants – vital for good health and preventing chronic diseases. Obviously too much of anything isn’t great so it’s best to rely on water for your main source of hydration. I find it funny watching people make tea as everyone has their own funny little way of doing it! Some people put the milk in with the teabag before pouring over the hot water, others put the milk in after it’s brewed. For me, it totally depends what mood I’m in – I know that sounds bonkers!

I’m interested to know what your favourite brands of tea are and why – leave a comment below or click here to comment on my instagram!


2 thoughts on “Bluebird Tea!

  1. I am a massive tea fan and, like you, have a large collection! I actually don’t like coffee – I adore it as a flavour but can’t stand the drink….coffee chocolates, coffee cake, sticking my nose in the newly opened jar…can’t get enough of it, but actually give it to me to drink – yuk! So tea is my “go to” hot drink (or hot chocolate!)

    I have tried Bluebird Teas before and am a great fan. I love their inventiveness and the themed teas they come out with for just about every occasion! I have a few of their teas I am really looking forward to trying but have yet to – one is actually Snowball.

    I have also recently discovered teapigs and although I have only tried their Jelly & Ice Cream tea so far I thought it was delicious and will definitely be trying more.

    I also enjoy Dorset Tea, I wasn’t so keen on their Strawberries and Cream (which is interesting – after that I was surprised I liked teapigs Jelly and Ice Cream, though I suppose I may just have been more in the mood) but I liked their Foraged Fruits flavour and I have also enjoyed Chamomile and Ginger & Lemon.

    My latest discovery is QI Teas. So far I’ve only tried their green tea and white tea (enjoyed both) but I have green tea & mint, green tea & blueberry, white tea & goji berries and green tea plus in the cupboard to try!

    Who knew I could write so much on the subject of tea :-\ how boring, sorry!

    1. Great to hear from a fellow tea fan!

      I haven’t tried QI teas, but I will definitely be giving those a try – I love discovering new brands and flavours!

      It’s never boring to talk about tea, hehe! Hope you enjoy trying the rest of your QI teas 🙂 x

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