New Bedroom Look – Cornwall Bedrooms

Before I start, I’d like to say this post is in no way sponsored by Cornwall Bedrooms, I just thought I’d share the look with you guys!

So, we’d had the same bedroom furniture ever since we moved in together 3-4 years ago. It was actually Chris’s old bedroom furniture, so it was pretty old. We seem to have acquired more stuff over the years and sharing one small wardrobe just wasn’t working anymore. I hate how that sounds – I’m honestly not a materialistic person! However, sometimes it’s nice to have a change.

This furniture was supplied and fitted by Cornwall Bedrooms. Paul (who fitted our wardrobes) did a fantastic job! It was all up within two days and we couldn’t be happier with it all. I’m so glad we went for a light finish of the wood, not only does it accentuate the space, it looks incredibly elegant, too.



The dressing table and stool are just perfect. There’s plenty of space which is always a bonus. Chris had a fantastic idea of putting LED lights above the dressing table and I have to say, they look fab. The white roses and the diffuser are from The Range. I love these kind of simple finishing touches. I spend hours looking on Instagram at dressing table decor!




I absolutely love the sidetables too. Mainly because they have the cutest little tea tray drawers! I think this was what I was most excited about – it’s the small things! The flowers in the vase and the copper lamp are, again, from The Range.



It’s lovely to have one room in the house which you’re totally happy with and can feel completely relaxed in. Especially as a mum, you get used to being surrounded by toys, nappies, mess and food. Therefore, I love having somewhere to sit and feel I can do my thing – be that sewing, blogging or just chilling! I don’t know about you, but my environment has a massive impact on my mood and how productive I am. I hope you’ve enjoyed having a peek at our new bedroom!


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