Hello, I’m Yasmin…

Welcome to my blog! You can expect to find a mixture of balanced eating, parenting and skincare themed blog posts. I’m a first time mum living in the beautiful county of Cornwall (pasty land). I live with my fiancé, Chris, Honey (our spoilt cat) and our precious daughter, Molly.   I was fortunate enough to fall pregnant straight away, which I know is a real blessing. I gave birth to Molly on the 23/01/2017. Becoming a mum has truly been the most amazing experience ever. I can honestly say that she means the absolute world to me. I’ve also loved my breastfeeding journey so far, it’s made our bond even more special. I’m very honest when it comes to all things parenting and hope I can share some useful parenting tips with you.


My mummy blog posts cover a variety of topics from product reviews, baby/child friendly activities to general mum moans and groans! I aim to show all aspects of the reality of motherhood through my down to earth mummy blog posts. Please feel free to comment and join in on any of my discussions and posts.


I’m very passionate about balanced eating, but as I’m also a mum, recipes have to be quick and easy. Therefore, all of my recipes are well suited to people leading busy lives.  However, fear not, I’m not one of those healthy-eaters who insists on cutting out food groups or chocolate – NEVER HAPPENING! Having been a compulsive binge-eater in the past I know the negative cycle of cutting out certain food groups from your diet, it’s a recipe for disaster. It’s becoming more evident that nutrition is important in maintaining good health, and I actually enjoy eating food that is  both tasty and healthy.  For me, balanced eating is what it says – balanced! Some days I may eat salad , other days I’ll eat a massive pizza and a bar of chocolate in one sitting! I love to indulge in chocolate and pizza, but I try to do so in moderation. I promise you that all of my recipes are quick, affordable and balanced – perfect for fellow mums out there!



I  feel incredibly blessed to live in such a picturesque part of the country. Cornwall is a wonderful place to bring up children, with an abundance of countryside, seaside and nature there’s so much to see and enjoy for little ones (and us bigger people). Being the foodie that I am, I love the fact that we have such a wide range of fantastic places to eat in Cornwall, boasting fresh and tasty local produce.  You will see from many of my posts that I’m very interested in looking after our environment and ways we can be healthier by using more natural products. That’s another reason why I love living in Cornwall so much – there are many local businesses which promote the use of natural products or working to preserve our environment. It’s important to me to bring Molly up in positive and healthy surroundings, and that means using natural products where possible, eating a balanced diet and making use of the wonderful Cornish countryside.



Taking care of my skin is really important to me. Mainly because I’ve suffered from acne in the past and I still get breakouts now. I’m very keen to use natural products where possible as I don’t like using harsh chemicals. That goes for Molly too. I always aim to use organic products on Molly as she has unfortunately inherited my sensitive skin! All babies have delicate skin anyway, so it makes sense to use natural products if you can. It’s shocking how many companies use nasty chemicals on skincare for babies. I hope I can share lots of interesting information with you about the best skincare for you and your baby.